Semi-automatic Panoramic Frame Spray Booth

A semi-automated spray booth to apply an adhesive coverage to the panoramic steel frame and adjoining parts.

Semi-automatic Panoramic Frame Spray Booth

The Semi-automatic Panoramic Frame Spray Booth is required to be flexible as the customer might require the machine to be capable of processing other products in their range.


Panoramic frames

Automated Spray Booth Enclosure

The automated spray booth includes the full enclosure with 80mm thick, double skin insulated panels, high frequency LED PCB lighting, raised floor extraction running as an unheated total loss system, integrating the robot within the floor for full downdraught air movement.

The automation is designed as a flexible cell using a six-axis robot to pick and manipulate the parts around a fixed spray head. The components are air-dried on the outfeed conveyor. This is a controlled operation only allowing the operator to pick once the drying time has been completed.

Operation Sequence

1. The operator loads the components to the cell nesting and press the cycle start button
2. The fast-acting door closes to enclose the spray area to start the spray cycle.
3. The picks the components and manipulate within the spray path.
4. On completion the inner fast acting door opens, and the components are deposited on the outfeed conveyors.
5. Once deposited the inner door closes and the robot is in the park position ready for the front door to open.
6. The cycle can then be repeated.

APL Skills

Machine building and integration, machine and process control, Robot integration, Robotic spray painting, Project management


Semi-automatic Panoramic Frame Spray Booth

Semi-automatic Panoramic Frame Spray Booth

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