Applications Automated Side Panels Clipping & Welding System

Automated Side Panels Clipping & Welding System

A leading global manufacturer of automotive components and systems has approached APL to design and develop an Automated Side Panels Clipping & Welding System.

Automated Side Panels Clipping & Welding System


APL Robot Clipping Systems [PDF]

The Solution

The automation solution consisted of 2 6-axis robots for clip presentation and insertion, one welding robot with ultrasonic welding head, 2 bowl feeding systems and 2 printers.

The robot clipping and welding system has independent right and left hand stations, each including a mirrored assembly fixture for a left hand or right hand automotive panel.


Side Panels LHD & RHD, each panel having 14 clips 28 clips in total


Total cycle 100 seconds

The system consists of:

  • Welding robot
  • Clip insertion robot
  • Telsonic Ultra-Sonic welding head and horn
  • Steel fabricated frame with Lexan panels and interlocked doors for access
  • Manually operated table
  • Back up clip magazine
  • Bowl feeder system with escapement for robot pick up
  • System Control via the robot

APL Skills

Machine building and integration, machine and process control, Robot integration, Bowl Feeding, Robot welding system, Robotic assembly system, Project management

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