Medical Filter Assembly Machine

A leading global medical technology and life sciences company had a requirement for automated equipment to assemble plastic filter 13mm & 30mm inlets and outlets and to load the assembled parts into a mould tool on an Engel vertical injection moulding machine for overmoulding processes.

Medical Filter Assembly Machine

Key features & benefits

  • 2.7 second per assembly cycle time.
  • Check station integrated to prevent faulty parts, removing them to ensure quality.
  • High precision and repeatability.
  • High productivity.
  • Custom assembly machine with rotary indexing table.

The Solution

The automation solution is based on an indexing rotary table to transfer products between the various process stations. The machine is designed for quick changeover between products without the use of tools. The changeover procedure is largely automatic selectable from the HMI. Change parts are designed for quick and simple changeover with sensors checking for the correct setup configuration, allowing running of two variants with future proof upgrade capabilities.

Rotary Table & Nests

8 station rotary index machine; The rotary table is fitted with two sets of tooling nests, one set for 13mm products and one set for 30mm products.

Operation Sequence

  • Load outlets
  • Load filter media to 13mm outlets (option 1)
  • Load filter media to 30mm outlets (option 2)
  • Check filter media present and heat seal station
  • Load inlets with media
  • Press inlets into outlets
  • Load to IMM
  • Unload Station
  • Spare station for future proof upgrade capabilities

    APL Skills

    Machine building and integration, Machine and process control, Bespoke assembly machine, Rotary indexing tables, Feeding and handling, Pick and place, Project management


    Medical Filter Assembly Machine

    Medical Filter Assembly Machine

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