Frequently Asked Aquestions

How can I contact Automated Production Ltd?

Automated Production Ltd can be reached at:

3 Manitou Business Complex, Black Moor Road, Ebblake Ind. Estate, Verwood BH31 6BB, Dorset, UKT: +44 (0) 121 749 2566
E: [email protected]

More details can be found at the Contact page.

Does APL carry out its own UKCA/CE marking?

APL UKCA certifies all machines to UKCA and/or CE regulations.

APL Quality

Quality has always been of central importance to APL, with each employee empowered and committed to make their own personal contribution to the meeting and bettering of the customers quality standards ensuring complete satisfaction.

We understand that long term business profitability and sustainability can only be achieved by providing high quality equipment, which fulfils and exceeds the customer’s requirements.

What information do you need to provide to receive a quote?

After the initial discussion to establish project compatibility between the two parties, we will then ask you to provide us the component specifications, samples/drawings, production volumes/cycle time requirement and available design specifications.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

Typically 2 – 4 weeks

Duration of the quotation development depends upon the complexity of the requirements and level of detail of the information provided by the customer.

How can I get information on APL’s equipment?

Product literatures are available from our website Products page, and product specification sheets including operating instructions and spare parts lists can be found from Information page. You can also contact us directly for more information.

What are your standard payment terms?

These will be referenced in the quote but can be discussed at the initial stage of contact.

Prices will normally be Ex-Works but packing and delivery terms can be itemised if required.
VAT will be charged at the rate current at the time of dispatch.
Full details are set out in our sales terms and conditions.

What does your standard warranty cover?

Our warranty period begins from the date of delivery on all items manufactured by Automated Production Ltd. APL will pass on to the Customer the warranty for any third party supplied items incorporated within the equipment. Extended warranties can be offered in certain cases. Full details are set out in our sales terms and conditions. Standard warranties last 12 months or 2000 hours (whichever the sooner).

Why should I automate my production line?

Automation of an existing or new manufacturing process can bring many benefits in terms of process robustness and repeatability, scrap/reject reduction and management, increased volume throughput, material yield improvement, manufacturing floorspace reduction, improved operator ergonomics, safer working environment with the separation of the workforce from dangerous and hazardous process and material.

Capital payback in many cases can be relatively quick.

To what industries have you provided automation solutions?

We supply to a wide and varied selection of manufacturing industries but we have particular expertise within the Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical device, FMCG and Injection Moulding sectors.

What testing is performed to validate a system’s performance?

All our equipment is fully tested in house prior to the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and the SAT (Site Acceptance Test). Our in-house test procedures and Run at Rates mirror image the FAT requirements of each individual client. All test procedures are documented and form part of the final documentation package.

What documentation is provided for a new machine?

All supplied equipment, as a minimum, will have a complete operational manual which includes Risk Assessments (where applicable) operation sequence, maintenance schedule, critical spares list, CE (UKCA), third party warranty documents, electrical drawings, software diagram. We supply these in both hardcopy and electronic formats.

Does APL have experience building machines to meet the electrical requirements of foreign countries?

Yes. APL supply equipment that carries approvals and certifications necessary to meet the needs of today’s global industrial machinery markets, including the European CE mark, US and Canadian based standards CSA/UL.

Will you install the equipment you build?

Yes we do. We have extensive experience of installing and commissioning equipment on a UK and global basis.

Do you prepare the export documents and make shipping arrangements?

APL export our machines to more than 30 countries worldwide. We can prepare all export documentation and the necessary international shipping information all in house.

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