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Design & Build Process


APL can work in a consultative role at the start of a project, to talk through your problems, your ideas, or your automation requirements. With nearly 30 years first hand experience in many types of automation, we look to meet the needs of your business, from cost efficiency to maximum productivity.

Feasibility Studies

An effectively study provides fast, reliable information about the feasibility of a solution, its cost, process reliability and cycle times. By working closely with our customers, we evaluate the feasibility of your project and propose solutions to ensure you make right investment decisions at minimum risk.

Project Management

APL project managers can look at the overall picture and direct resources and activities, managing every step of your project, to ensure manufacturing processes are implemented within specified timeframes.

With many practical experience in different technical environment, our certified project managers can lead cross functional engineering teams to ensure successful on time and on budget project delivery, managing project scope and change, and reporting the current and future performance of all assigned projects.

Mechanical & Engineering Design

APL have built, developed and retained an experienced design team that consists of some of the most knowledgeable, flexible and responsive people within the industry, teaming up with our customers to deliver the best solution.

  • Mechanical Design in 3D CAD solid modeling
  • Controls Design in-house, allowing the most effective integration with the mechanical features of the machine
  • Risk assemssments

System Build

Machining, fabrication, and assembly, APL’s in-house production department ensures a full control over the build. Our dedicated production engineers work together with project managers to ensure all important deadlines are met. We also take great care to make sure that systems are built to the highest quality standards.

Project Management
Mechanical and engineering design
machine builder


Functionality and performance testing to demonstrate that the system operates as specified; Status information is continuously shared with cusotmers through the Factory Aceptance Test (FAT)

Installation & Commissioning

After the Factory Acceptance Test, all APL automation systems are installed at customers’ sites by our engineers. Systems are installed in a full compliance with industrial guidelines. Technical documents is delivered with the machine.

Our on-site teams take full responsibility to ensure that you receive the automation system that works correctly from the beginning.

Training and Support

Customer support is part of our ‘Turnkey Solution’.

  • On site or off site training
  • Spare parts
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance and service