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MK360 Glass Disc Vision Inspection


3 cameras inspection-Rotating glass disc

  • Top, bottom and side inspection
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sorting
  • OCR
  • Accepts most camera technology

Key benefits

  • Minimum changeover between parts that are different in size & shape
  • Gentle handling at feed rates of over 2000 parts per minute
  • Cost-saving benefits through reduced labour cost and high throughput
  • Meeting custom requirements
  • Additional incremental benefits such as reduced downtime, improved quality control, raised standards of health & safety and better hygiene standard for food and pharmaceutical products


Drinks, Plastics


Bowl feeding, Vision Inspection, Poka Yoke station, Conveyor system, Quality Control

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MK360 Glass Disc Vision Inspection
MK360 Glass Disc Vision Inspection

Accurate inspection at a rate of 1200 components/minute